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Grow Coir Bale (11 lbs)
Grow Coir Bale
Grow Coir Bales for larger bins
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Grow Coir

CoirRegardless of whether you think the world is quickly using up its supply of peat moss or whether or not you consider peat moss a renewable resource, there's a substitute for peat that you AND YOUR WORMS are going to like a heck of a lot better. It is quickly renewable, is already a surplus product, and works beautifully.

Test after test has shown that in every way it is superior, or at least equal, to peat. But that's not the full story, please read on!

We're talking about "Growcoir," (pronounced grow-core). The "coir" part is the short name for coir fiber pith, the residue of the process that extracts the long fibers from coconuts. Those long fibers have been used for floor mats, basket liners, and lots of other things, but until recently, the residue was just tossed into piles. In Sri Lanka, some of those piles are a hundred years old! Tells you something about the longevity of Growcoir, doesn't it?

Growcoir acts very much like peat and has a high lignin content. Lignin is an organic substance that, with cellulose, forms the chief part of woody tissue. It is the lignin that provides the longevity. Growcoir is an organic material that breaks down very slowly. It holds water and nutrients beautifully. And it will not waterlog. PERFECT FOR YOUR WORM BIN!

The Growcoir briquette (brick) is compressed 8:1 and is designed perfectly for your Can-O-Worms bin (or any worm bin). It weighs 1.5 pounds (650gm). One brick expands to make between 2 to 2.5 gallons worth of coir bedding material. Colorful packaging combined with indefinite shelf life, ease of handling, ease of storage, and ease of use recommend it for both the vermicomposter and the casual gardener.

Worms love Growcoir as a bedding material in their worm bin. This 100% organic material can also be used for texturizing your soil. It is a rooting medium in the greenhouse instead of perlite and vermiculite. It is a soilless material for planting or a medium for hydroponic growing. You use it anywhere you would normally use peat moss, rockwool, vermiculite, perlite, or pumice.

Like peat, the material contains no nutrients. Nutrients from the food you feed your worms can soak into the Growcoir. The resulting material is loaded with nutrients and ready to go. It holds 8-9 times its weight of water and has a high nutrient-absorption capacity. These characteristics make it an ideal soil amendment and worm bedding material.

You'll be excited with this new product. It really is the BEST bedding material for your worms and we are proud to be able to offer it to you folks at a very fair price.

Key Benefits

  • Growcoir is very easy to use.
  • It has an indefinite shelf life.
  • 1 small Growcoir brick expands to make 2 - 2.5 gallons of bedding material
  • It is superior for even water distribution.
  • It is easily re-wetted and does not require a wetting agent.
  • It has a high water-holding capacity with excellent drainage.
  • It has a very acceptable pH, cation exchange capacity and electrical conductivity.
  • It is a 100% organic renewable resource with no chemical compounds.
  • There are no ecological drawbacks to its use.

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