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Following are the most commonly asked questions about the worm bin composting system. Experts from the field of vermiculture have been consulted to provide answers and hints that will ensure the most efficient use of your Worm Factory® and Can-O-WormsTM system.
Helpful answers to FAQs about WORMS:

·         Where are my worms?

·         Why didn’t my WORMS come with my bin?

·         Are there any stipulations on the live WORM delivery guarantee?

·         Where can I obtain compost WORMS?

·         How many WORMS do I need?

·         How much will my WORMS eat?

·         How can I help the WORMS eat more?

·         What should/shouldn’t I feed my WORMS?

·         Can I feed my WORMS garden refuse?

·         Can I feed my WORMS pet manure?

·         Why aren’t my WORMS eating?

·         Will I get too many WORMS?

·         Can I put compost WORMS in the garden?

·         Why aren’t the WORMS moving up from the lower levels?

·         Will my WORMS survive extreme temperatures?

·         It’s raining and the WORMS seem to be gathering in the lid. What do I do?

·         Why do REDWORMS C-R-A-W-L off?

·         Under what conditions do REDWORMS T-H-R-I-V-E?

·         Which compost WORM is better for fishing?

·         My WORMS arrived, but they look small. Did I get the right WORMS? Is there a way to make them bigger (i.e. fatten them up)?

      How do I FATTEN UP my WORMS? (Our famous Worm Fattener Recipe)

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Helpful answers to your FAQs about your WORM BIN:

·         How do I keep ants out of my WORM BIN?

·         Should I add water to my WORM BIN?

·         Will my WORM BIN attract flies?

·         Will my WORM BIN smell?

·         What about holidays/vacations?

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