What's the Difference Between the Can-O-Worms 2 Tray System and the Worm Factory®?

What are the Differences Between the Can-O-Worms & the Worm Factory® ?

Dimensions, Full tray weight, & Design

Can-O-Worms in operation
Can-O-Worms in operation
as of 2013 is a 2 tray system

(NOTE: As of 2013 the Can-O-Worms comes as a 2 tray system. It no longer is sold as a 3 tray system)

20 inches in diameter
Full trays weigh about 30 pounds each
2 stacking trays
26 inches tall with both trays working
Worm Factory®  3 Tray System in operation
Worm Factory® 3 Tray System in operation

Worm Factory® :

16 inches square
Full trays weigh about 15 pounds each
3, 4, or 5 nesting trays

3 Tray System is 22 inches tall
4 Tray System is 26 inches tall
5 Tray System is 30 inches tall


Can-O-Worms - 2 Stacking Trays

The Can-O-Worms trays stack on ridges that are molded on the inside of each tray. One important management issue with the Can-O-Worms is that contact must be maintained between each level. The bottom of of the upper tray must come in contact with the surface of the tray beneath it. Redworms don’t jump, so if a gap develops between trays then the whole system stops working as designed.

As the system processes the material, the volume of that material will get reduced to about ⅔ or ¾ of its original volume. So if folks add the second tray too soon to the Can-O-Worms, what can happen is the worms continue to work the material in the lower tray, reducing its volume to the point that the surface of the lower tray no longer meets or comes in contact with the bottom of the 2nd tray above it. Then the worms in the lower tray don’t have access to the upper tray.

The easy fix for this is just to add shredded moist newspaper to the lower tray if a gap develops. It is important to be aware if this is happening or not in your system, so you should lift the upper tray at least once a month to see if the upper tray is still in contact with the surface of the compost in the tray beneath it. As you place each tray back on top of the other it is a good idea to gently mix the compost in the tray to maintain aeration throughout. This helps to prevent any anaerobic condition from developing.
Can-O-Worms ( as of 2013 ONLY comes with 2 working trays)

Worm Factory® – Nesting Trays

The trays of the Worm Factory® “nest” into each other so weight and gravity dictate that a gap never develops between levels. No worries!
Worm Factory®
Worm Factory®

Weight Factor

Can-O-Worms – Full Trays = 30 lbs each

The full Can-O-Worms trays are difficult for children or seniors to lift since they are 20 inches in diameter and weigh at least 30 pounds each.

Worm Factory® – Full Trays = 15 lbs each

Since the Worm Factory® is easier to lift and move around because each tray weighs 15 pounds or less it is the bin of choice for those with weak lower backs.

Since the trays of the Worm Factory® are smaller than the Can-O-Worms you can harvest a tray much sooner from the Worm Factory® than from the Can-O-Worms.
Worm Factory®  3 Tray Diagram
Worm Factory® 3 Tray Diagram

Other important information:

• The Go Green Worm Factory® and the Terra Cotta Worm Factory® are the same as the Original Worm Factory® , the only difference is the color.

• The plastic on both the Can-O-Worms and the Worm Factory is recycled, food grade plastic and is very high quality. If plastic of any kind is left in the sun for any prolonged period the plastic can become brittle. NEVER leave a worm bin in the sun, ever!

100% recycled material can be unstable and may cause parts of the product to warp and distort. To help reduce the amount of warping, the trays include a mix of recycled and virgin High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). HDPE is a waxy material that makes plastic sturdy. HDPE is used in products and packaging such as milk jugs, detergent bottles, margarine tubs, garbage containers and water pipes. Products made with HDPE will not give off chemicals that harm you or your food. This is why we say our product is made of “food grade plastic”.

Can-O-Worms diagram
Can-O-Worms diagram
(Now only a 2 Tray System)